Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pooja Mandap 3

This Mandap was made out of similar sized cardboard boxes and decorated in Guruvayur Appan sannidhi style. There are shelves on the sides for keeping books and other pooja samagris and a hidden shelf behind the front table to store oil, wick, matches, etc that are used often.

Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY - Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas !!!!

My daughter wanted to celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree as she noticed a few of her friends celebrated that way. She told me to buy a tree but I told her it is very expensive and instead I ll make one. She didn't believe me and said it was IMPOSSIBLE!! When she was smaller, she never wanted to buy any stuff instead she would ask me if I can make it for her, but as she is growing up it is changing the other way!!!

But a couple of days before Christmas I got this tree ready before she came back from school and she was totally surprised and wanted to know how this tree came.. When her dad told her that Santa Claus came and gave it, she ran to me and hugged me and said I am her Santa Claus!! That was enough to make my day and all my efforts proved worth that!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pooja Mandap 2

This is the Mandap I made after coming to Canada. It is a bigger one with bells on the doors and a nice decorative gopuram, all made of cardboard boxes.

Under the Counter Shelf

The Condos in Canada are too small with very less space. Since I wanted to have some sort of shelf to keep all the stuff, I made this handy shelf using cardboard boxes. If you have a big hall and looking for a room divider, this is the perfect thing to do but a bigger size and it will server as room divider cum showcase.

Puja Mandap 1

This is the first Pooja Mandap I built. It has a light with a switch inside and also a hidden compartment for storing the pooja items that we use occasionally. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kids Playhouse

This Playhouse is entirely made up of cardboard and paper! There is a surprise around each corner of the Playhouse. My daughter loves to nap and play in her little house with her friends.

Playhouse Entrance

Laptop Desk

This Laptop Desk is also made of Cardboard boxes. It has a covered storage shelf that can be used to keep all the electronic stuff/ books.

It is covered with waterproof paper to prevent damage to the cardboard and for easy cleaning in case of any spills.

Book Shelf

This Shelf is made up of heavy duty Cardboard Boxes stacked one on top.  It is easily expandable too. We can add any number of shelves on top till we can reach of course!

Shoe Stand

    This shoe stand is made up of cardboxes of the same size stacked one on top. It is covered with waterproof paper for easy cleaning of the dirt.

    Click here for instructions to make your own Shoe Rack.

    Kid Sofa

    This is just right for my daughter and she likes to curl up on her sofa and rest after her hectic day!

    It is strong enough to withstand her standing and jumping too!